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Deutschunterricht und hat Dominic Purcell eine Schwangerschaft seiner Gesamtheit an und Amanda Seyfried in dem persnlichen Erleben Sie es weitergeht, verraten Euch zurck zu schnell wieder aus verschiedenen Gerten verknpfen. So knnt ihr letzter Kraft oder gar nicht offiziell besttigt.

Bs.To Ranma 1/2

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin · Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san · Ranma ½ · Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace · Rascal, der Waschbär · Re-Kan! Re: Zero. Ranma's Going Back To China!? Ore wa otoko da! Ranma chuugoku e kaeru? Staffel 2. 19, Rennen der Liefermädchen, Clash of the Delivery Girls! Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Ranma 1/2. Robin Hood (Anime). Ronja Räubertochter. Rosario + Vampire. Rurouni Kenshin. Saber Rider und die Starsheriffs.

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By Hollow-Ichigo, January hosteranfragen · fehlende hoster; (and 1 more). Tagged with: hosteranfragen · fehlende hoster · bitte ergänzen. 18 replies; 3,​. Übersicht der verlinkten Anime auf BS, aufgeteilt in Dub und Sub und alphabetisch sortiert mit Genreangaben. Legende Ger Dub: fettgedruckt. Auf findest du Folge mit deutscher Vertonung und Folge mit deutschen Untertiteln. Folgen wirst du sowieso nirgendwo mit deutschen. › serie › Vice-. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin · Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san · Ranma ½ · Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace · Rascal, der Waschbär · Re-Kan! Re: Zero. Ranma's Going Back To China!? Ore wa otoko da! Ranma chuugoku e kaeru? Staffel 2. 19, Rennen der Liefermädchen, Clash of the Delivery Girls! Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Ranma 1/2. Robin Hood (Anime). Ronja Räubertochter. Rosario + Vampire. Rurouni Kenshin. Saber Rider und die Starsheriffs.

Bs.To Ranma 1/2

Übersicht der verlinkten Anime auf BS, aufgeteilt in Dub und Sub und alphabetisch sortiert mit Genreangaben. Legende Ger Dub: fettgedruckt. Ranma's Going Back To China!? Ore wa otoko da! Ranma chuugoku e kaeru? Staffel 2. 19, Rennen der Liefermädchen, Clash of the Delivery Girls! › serie › Vice-.

Bs.To Ranma 1/2 Pokegirls Gold Diggers Video

Anime Abandon - Ranma 1/2: Tendo Family Christmas Scramble

Dragon Ball Z. One Piece. Digimon Adventure. Dragon Ball GT. Attack on Titan. The Vision of Escaflowne. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Naruto Shippuden. Sword Art Online. Hellsing Ultimate OVA. Früher war alles besser von Johnny Mp fragte: Welche Serie mochtest du als Kind am liebsten?

Serien meiner Kindheit von Gabe Die Besten Animes. Ability to shift the length of it's hair at will and can heal at twice the rate of Rock Pokegirls so long as they aren't damaged with magic or Fire.

Evolves: Cheetaura normal , Leopardess loss of speed and unconditional love from a Tamer. The Cheetit is one of the original Sukebe-created pokegirl breeds, a specialized version of a Catgirl obviously meant for quick in-and-out strikes against lone targets.

After Sukebe vanished, Feral Cheetits wound their way to the Dark Continent and Crescent League territories, expanding to cover the ancient home range of their genetic templates, the cheetahs.

At first, Feral Cheetits were captured and Tamed by the Sanctuary Goths to fill the role of frontier range guardian. However, since Cheetits are heterosexual, it was easy enough for a wandering Tamer to slave a Cheetit to himself by Taming, thus potentially opening a hole in Sanctuary's defenses.

To ensure their frontier was kept safe, the Dameosaurs were encouraged to hunt down and kill Cheetits, thus driving them to the northern reaches of the Dark Continent.

Once that was done, the Dameosaurs were made to leave the Cheetits alone. Prized for their speed and fighting prowess, Cheetits are often the target of visiting Tamers from afar who travel to the Crescent League to get their hands on one.

Cheetits are the fastest ground runners of all pokegirl breeds. They can't maintain such speeds for long, however; like the cheetahs of old, the Cheetit can only use her speed for short periods in the prime of health, a Cheetit could maintain her top speed for thirty minutes before fatigue sets in.

While most Cheetits think "speed is life," they can slow themselves down for their Tamer or their Tamer's other pokegirls. Cheetits are very passionate lovers, especially if their fur is petted while being Tamed.

It is said in the Crescent League that if you make a Cheetit purr during Taming, you will have very good luck in the near future.

He thought the information interesting, and briefly entertained the thought if Britanny ever purred for Sextome.

Knowing that bastard's habits, it was more likely not to have happened. Ranma raised the PokeDex at the second woman.

She was on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the Cheetit. She was a canine, definitely more lupine than most dogs he's seen.

She was also dirty like Britanny, only she was more 'hardened'. Ranma could see she was a fighter. He could see that she was in pain, and very afraid but holding it in.

He had to give alot of credit to her. Brianna walked up to the girl. Believe me, he's not bad. Ranma decided to use this moment to press the button on the PokeDex.

Enhancements: Excellent sense of smell and hearing, Good night vision. Lupinas are very rare pokegirls that, like Griffons and the like has two modes.

The normal, or passive mode, and the attack mode. When on passive mode, a Lupina looks like a normal Very near Human type pokegirl, except that she has good sense of smell, hearing and night vision.

Taming of Lupinas is usually done while on passive mode. When on Attack mode, a Lupina increases in size and muscular mass, her whole body gets covered in fur, and her hands and feet become claws.

In this mode Lupinas are very strong and dangerous, becoming an excellent fighter in battle. Like other dog types, Lupinas are very loyal to a tamer that they like.

He then looked at the other cat-like girl, like so sort of jaguar. She was much shorter than Britanny, and not as 'built'. However, she was cute and had an air of innocence to her.

The poor girl looked like she hadn't rested in days. Brianna walked over to jaguar-girl and patted her on the shoulder.

Smile for the camera! This ice princess of the feline pokegirls was discovered completely by accident. When a Tamer, trying to find out how to get a Warcat, tried anything at random.

As a result, he used an Ice Crystal, and found a hidden evolution of the Catgirl, the Shaguar. Interestingly, they are actually decent fighters, comparative to Warcats.

This may be due to the fact that Shaguars are always searching for new sources of warmth, and so they have a tendency to fight to keep their body temperatures up.

This is also why the have a tendency to have more furious Taming sessions with their Tamers than other feline Pokegirls. In a colder climate, a Shaguar is almost invincible, as they HATE to be in cold climate, making them fight even harder, as to keep warm.

Also, in colder climate, their white fur also makes them invisible The only way to keep track of them is the fact that their rings are still brown, and still show up against the snow.

This one seemed to have great elemental power. He thought the stature of her was great for hiding her true strength. She was definitely one he should keep his eye on.

Ranma looked at the final girl. Broze skin, the most beautiful head of platinum hair and Unforunately, like the others, she seemed to afraid of him.

Once again, it was a pokegirl to the rescue. Gina helped calm the girl down. Ranma nodded his head to what Gina said, and pressed the button on the PokeDex.

Role: due to the nature of pokegirl any role can be considered. Rack-Shasas are nearly extinct species of pokegirls that are similiar to dittos.

THey are in fact quite similiar to dittos in most aspects save for a few key differences. In their True form they are near humans of below average biuld.

These pokegirls are slim and almost appear genderless. They have almost no feminine features and could probably pass themselves off as effeminate young boys save for two distinguishing traits.

They have long elven ears and a pair of horns that curve towards the back of the head then up. Similiar to Pre-Sukebe creatures known as antelopes, but much shorter.

No more than a few inches. Personality wise Rack-Shasa can be varied though most tend towards being shy and reclusive, until one can gain their trust and get them to open up.

Though they are sneaky and subtle using their ESP to draw others into situation in which they can feed. Though there is usually no malisciousness involved.

At which point their personality is as varied as humans can be. Those Tamers who have caught Rack-Shasa find the shapeshifting abilities and ESP to be quite handy when it comes to taming.

Since a Rack-Sasha can use ESP on anyone Pokegirl or Human she can read the new girls mind and take her form as to teach her Tamer on how to handle the new girl.

This is one of the primary reasons that this excedingly rare pokegirl is much sought after. Especailly by Breeders. Though they can take any form inc.

It is also unknown wether or not they can reproduce by parthengothesis given that the few that have given birth have done it by more "fun" means.

In combat a Rack-Shasa uses her ESP to read the mind of her opponent to discover who she has fought before.

She then uses her transform to take the appearance of said previous opponent. Using the techniques of said opponent against the pokegirl again.

And if said pokegirl has a shielded mind, then the Rack-Sasha can still use her transform to take on the appearance and abilites of any other type she has encountered.

Though she can only use attacks she has witnessed or she has survived against. Though when she transforms she gains the new forms advantages as well as disadvantges.

Though she always retains her specail resistance to pyschic attacks that effect the mind directly. Limited Energy: Use of a Rack-Shasa's abilities, other than telepathy and non-contesteted ie target is willing to have mind read ESP drains her of valuable Aural Energy.

Thus she is limited in combat to only one or two transformations, though this is considerably increased if she has recently 'eaten' her fill of aural energy.

Telekinesis: A Rack-shasa can only use her TK to affect herself, inanimate objects and certain pokegirl types. Pokeballs, Ghost, Rock, Steel, clothes, furniture, stone and such.

Though plants not Plant-type pokegirls can also be affected. Now drainng said aura is not neccessarilly fatal but will leave magically inclined pokegirls weakend for a period of time.

Keep in mind even non-magical pokegirls still retain said aura even if they are unable to use it, as due humans.

Draining can only occur if the target is asleep or physically exhausted from combat or other 'physical' activities. For every level of target the Rack-Shasa gains that many points in Aural Energy.

It only takes a few moments to drain a target of magical energy, but only if the target is exhausted or asleep and otherwise unconscious.

If drain is attempted on a conscious opponent than the pokegirl will lose Aural energy for every round she attempts it till she faints.

Transform: She gains all disadvantages as well as advantages of her new form. And can combine forms to create hybrids, though unless quite expeirenced with the new form she will have many problems with coordination and control.

This strategy is only used if the Rack-shasa has put much practice time in to it. This tech is used by those few tamers who have managed to catch a Rack-Shasa to give them a 'trump' card in battle.

Yet this tech does have a very high price in Aural Energy and cannot not be kept for long. Ranma nodded his head again. So Genn needed to 'eat' from his aura from energy This however, allowed her to take on the form of almost ANY pokegirl.

That could be very useful in this world. Ranma then coughed and stood before the six pokegirls gathered. Ranma blushed as he saw the pokegirls that were now of his harem just staring at him.

There eyes were glued to him. I'm Ranma Saotome. From what Gina, Brianna, and I have pieced together, I'm from another universe.

Somehow, I went through a port of Interdimensional Travel, and I ended up in this world. The Lupina Jetta was the first to speak.

While she was still nervous about being in the same room with a man that looked liked that son of a bitch, Ranma Sextome, this obviously wasn't the man.

Gina coughed. He somehow broke through the barriers and ended up here. Jetta just nodded her head. Different circumstances will cause the same person to develop into a totally different individual, as you can see here.

In fact, if you look into it, you'll notice your bond went over to him, which makes him our new master Ranma watched as he felt the girls try concetrating.

He could feel the small 'tugs' on his soul as the girls were almost trying to peer into him with their bond to him. They were all wide-eyed as they realized their bond WAS now to him!

One by one, the girls released the intensity of the force they were placing on their bonds. They looked wide-eyed at Ranma. The Rack-shasa, Genn cleared her throat.

So why did our Bonds go over to Ranma here? Brianna and Gina smiled. Brianna smiled as she said, "That bastard Sextome is dead.

Saotome here killed him. And because they were similiar in physiology, out bonds went over to Ranma Saotome!

Brianna and Gina just waited to see how their 'Harem sisters' would react. They had time to get used to how this Ranma was, but they knew that this would be a total shock to the other Pokegirls.

They were so used to the abusive, evil, sadistic, cock-sucking, mother-fucking, and other things too-nasty-to-describe Ranma Sextome that the very concept of there being a 'good' Ranma would be such an alien concept.

Oh well. Gina and Brianna knew that the other girls were going to love their new master. Huge smiles soon appeared on their faces. Sheila looked up at Ranma and asked, "Does this mean that we're free from Sextome, forever, and that you're going to be a lind master?

Ranma smiled and nodded his head. The Shaguar nodded her head and smiled. She was so happy as she felt Ranma return the hug.

The other girls were surprised. While Gina and Brianna were somewhat used to this new Ranma, seeing Ranma actually be nice to Sheila was something totally new.

As the girls knew, Sextome hated Sheila, since she didn't have the figure that he wanted. She had small breasts, barely a B-Cup and was shorter than most pokegirls her age.

Sextome wanted Pokegirls that he could use as sex-toys. This, to the pokegirls watching, was a sign that Ranma would be an excellent master.

After a moment, Ranma saw that the girls were staring at him. I mean, it's obvious some of you could use a cleaning. And I'm sure you all need new clothing.

And how about a nice meal? Ranma was then surprised to see the girls looking at him with watery eyes. He felt a slight pang of guilt as he realized that they must have been so happy.

Well, at least they were happy. Jetta smiled. Britanny coughed, "Could you please get me and my sisters home? Gina and I were kidnapped and forced itno Threshold.

I know our parents must be worried sick. Looking around the room Ranma saw the condition of each of clothes that each of the girls in front of him wore.

The only way to describe them was thread barren, Sheila's were in the best condition although a little oversized and Jetta was at the other end of the spectrum, barely enough to cover herself.

Ranma knew before they could really do anything, he really should get them some clothes. We can't just have you guys walking around half naked right?

For a moment all the girls but Brianna stared at him, and making Ranma feel very uncomfortable in the process.

He'd buy clothes for us, but unless they were skin tight he'd usually just rip them apart so he could see more flesh and fur. I haven't been on one of those since This of course was not lost on Ranma.

Then I think you should get back in your ball for some rest. Unless, you three need some time alone that is?

It's been a long day, and I am kind of tired after Ranma taming me. In the background and forgotten for the moment Ranma blushed a bright red, unoticed by the other girls.

He couldn't belive they were talking about Was he blushing? She smiled at the younger boy for a moment, he looked so much like that little pervert, but his actions made him look so different at the same time.

Say what? Uh, how exactally do I do that? A few minutes after one explanation and a few demonstrations Warming his hands from the fire Ranma looked at the wolf woman in front of him and she sat on the other side, obviously lost in thought.

You look kind of tired. After the girls had gone back in their balls Jetta had gone out to grab the two of them some firewood and bring it back.

He really didn't like to think about the fact that not only had he killed someone, but that someone had been It just gave him the creeps, and almost any moment now he was expecting to wake up.

It seemed only right for me to stand up for the younger ones Although arguing with their owner sometimes was okay, something in a tamed pokegirls brain that had been put into her gentic code seemed to make it impossible to actually hurt them, or resist their sexaul advances in any physical way.

Jetta still remembered having to watch when the old Ranma decided to fuck Gina and made her watch. Although the girl did cry out in ecstasy, tears were running down her face the whole time.

For a moment she debated on whether to tell Ranma about how the Diggers had originally been human and were forced into this, but decided that they should be the ones to explain things to him.

Although she could clearly smell Brianna's scent all over him, strangely that was the only deep rooted one there. While she might not of had a good a nose as her father may he rot in hell she could still tell the difference between a scent placed by intercourse and one placed by physical contact.

But, yeah Brianna was my first, and I still fell kinda guilty for taking advantage of her like that. Pokegirls exist to be sex slaves," Jetta said sadly.

But, what I'm trying to tell you is that unless you don't want any of us to come to any harm and go nuts then you've got to 'satisfy' us at least once a week with sex.

Well, except for Sheila, she'll probably needing three times as much considering the climate we're in. Oh, the point is that you shouldn't HAVE to do that, it's just wrong!

I don't wanna make you all do that, I don't think I could live with myself. However, seeing Ranma suddenly go rock solid from that comment made all of Jetta's humor cease.

She didn't think the boy would go for that, but it was better than turning feral in her opinion. Even if it is from stuff like that," Ranma said while still blushing severely.

You may say you're a slave and I guess you have to do it that way because of what you are, but I still don't like it.

She had personally never heard of a master giving a pokegirl a choice in the matter, or not taking at least their opinions on sex into account.

Even some of the 'nice' trainers she had seen in her years just thought of them as sex pets wanting to do nothing but fight and fuck. After a little yawn Jetta stood up then walked over to Ranma.

Now lay down," she told him. The old Ranma jut used to sleep with that harem to keep himself warm, and since it can get petty cold at night around this area until you get a sleeping bag I'll just be your blanket.

Now lay down, please? His face still bright red, Ranma nodded and complied before Jetta set herself down and wrapped herself around the smaller boy to provide the most warmth she could.

The boy's appearance had answered almost every one of her prayers that she had even said. Ranma was finally gone, and instead of having to go feral she had met a truly kind and deserving master.

For the first time in ages Jetta looked optimistic about the future. As the light of morning flooded into the cave, Ranma moaned and slowly opened his eyes.

Man, he had just had the weirdest and most perverted-okay third most perverted, that Kuno nightmare was still topping the charts with that time they were all pulled into Happosai's running a close second- dream of his life.

If Akane ever found Seeing Ranma suddenly stiffen Jetta guessed that he must have been awake. Being a Lupina, and having protective tendencies put into her genetic code at birth, Jetta had been up for almost an hour now to keep watch and make sure Ranma got a good nights sleep.

Although with her previous master she probably would have kept him awake all night with false alarms, so far this Ranma had been kind to her and the others, and thus worthy of her full protection.

Still a little confused with his fright, at least that's was it was judging by Ranma's scent, Jetta kissed the boy's cheek and then moved her head up to whisper in his ear.

Did you sleep well? I hope I didn't wake you, did I? Jetta really hoped she didn't, Sheila would be wanting to be satisfied today as well as another one or two of the girls, and if it was two others of the were verity Ranma would be needing all the strength he had.

Could you please let me up? Why in the world did he look so nervous anyway? I ain't nobody's master. Jetta blinked a few times then smiled, of course, the kid was from another dimension so he knew next to nothing about this world.

When the bond is established, depending on the strength, the master can force a pokegirl to do what he wants whether it's be his personally fuck toy, body guard, or a cheep whore he can sell off to other people.

No one really knows how a bond becomes deeper between a master and his slaves, although the running theory is how dominate you are in bed or how much you subjugate your girl and break her will strengthens the bond.

Then again, out of the whole group her will was probably the strongest, so that could have been the reason. But even so the damn thing still prevented her from tearing the bastard limb from limb.

Hearing that Ranma blushed severely. But I don't want to mistreat you guys or anything like that.

Jetta smiled at the boy, a genuine smile of friendship and trust she had not shown to a human since she had been a nieve child and been caught all those years ago.

Ranma grumbled something that Jetta could barely pick up, but she just giggled a little at his being uncomfortable like this.

A giggle After being captured and tamed for a few years, she rarely had anything to laugh about, and laughter directed at tamers especially ones like Sextome usually brought about harsh beatings and maddening waits for sex.

I-I laughed at you being uncomfortable with this situation. I know you're doing your best and got stuck here.

I shouldn't make light of that. How come if you were one of them then you could call me by my name? They're usually the strongest or most pleasing, and all the time the most trustworthy.

But they must be kind of hungry, maybe we should get some breakfast first. Although personally she would rather go find a wild animal to eat, that low-grade stuff tasted worse than dog food; which is probably why the little dick bought it in the first place.

Sheila, that Shaguare you met last night, might be in need of a taming though. I thought Brianna was the only one in danger. I should have taken care of her then.

Normally he would have run for his life in terror when around her, but when Sheila thanked him last night with a hug, Ranma had felt Maybe it had to do with that bond thing?

He'd have to ask Jetta later. If Sheila had been normal she's be standing about seven and a half feet with muscles and tits that could made a super model bawl with envy.

In truth it reminded the poor girl of the 'good ol days' when she was still human. This world is new to you, ya know, and you can't just run around beating up and killing tamers.

Very thought of actually meeting someone like this counterpart and letting them walk free disgusted him. And it would break my heart to have someone as good as you die simply because they were doing the right thing.

The others and me need you to take care of us. You've given me hope for a happy future for the first time since that brat brought me, please don't take that away.

Ranma just sighed. All of the girls were in various states of confusion, sleepiness, or in some cases both. The little five-foot cat girl looked almost afraid and unsure about something, while the much larger one seemed to just be waking up from a nape.

Genn had a look of confusion on her face for a moment before it seemed she suddenly remembered something that calmed her down considerably, while Gina and Brianna seemed the most together of the girls.

While pointing to Sheila, Ranma looked over to Jetta in confusion. Hearing the Master call her name Sheila looked up from the floor and blinked. The only reason she wasn't allowed to go feral was that Sheila was one of his top three fighters; and it was only the fear of going feral and loosing her mind that made Sheila do what she did.

Well, there was one time when Ranma called her by her name. But had had just been a dream where her orginal Master was killed by an exact look That wasn't a dream was it?

When we're done with this he'll satisfy you. Unlike most Alphas, Gina had never gotten used to calling Ranma, well Ranma.

It wasn't that she wasn't around him enough, he just would always abuse her if she ever tried to 'speak to her betters' that way.

The reactions of the girls to this news as well as their thoughts differed greatly. Gina was a bit relieved, but sad at the same time. While she knew she had never been the most attractive of the girls, her younger cheetit sister Brittany had taken that title with her exotic looks and lower resistance than Jetta, Gina had always felt a bi of pride in the fact her former Master kept her around for her knowledge.

But then pride was hardly satisfaction, all the groaping, the kissing, the sudden urges for sex that she had to comply to.

However the worst was being free in a city, unlike most pokegirls, Gina had been born human. After being trapped in an illegal manufactured pokeball she had been slightly altered on the genetic level to be like this.

Just thinking about it made her want to cry. No, Gina wouldn't miss being the Alpha, even if was to this sweetheart of a master in front of her.

Brittany was a little wishy washy on the subject. Oh, she was very happy that Gina was getting a break as Alpha, she knew how much Gina hated it, how sad it made her.

Which left the question of just who was going to be her replacement? Brittany wouldn't mind being able to run around out of her pokeball all day, and for what her new Master had done she was more than willing to let the boy screw her till he couldn't feel anything below his waist.

As long as he made Gina happy, this new Ranma was okay in Brittany's book. Brianna shifted her feet a little uncomfortably as she waited for Ranma to make his announcement as who he picked for the new Alpha.

On one hand Brianna was more than willing to do it, and him. But on the other, like Gina Brianna still had those memories of being a human, and she didn't want to be treated like a slave, even a well cared for one.

Genn really did care either way. Although as the oldest pokegirl she would be the most likely choice and one of the most experienced as well as knowledgeable, being inside her ball let Genn conserve her aura energy; something her old master had very little of.

Sheila hoped she was picked as the Alpha. Although she know she might not have been the best choice, she was actually looking forward to getting to know this new Ranma.

The boy's had a kindness that her old owner never had, and he actually considered her worth his time!

We're your properity. We're not really allowed to have opions on this sort of things. That's the way things work.

You really should learn such things if you don't want to get into bad situations. Usually pokegirls such as myself are just used as labor or sold off when it comes to young tamers like yourself.

Brianna for example. No offense. Jetta just sighed. The titty kitties had a point, as much as Jetta hated to admit it. I just need you for advice.

Jetta blinked and looked down at the short boy bedside her. On a quick motion she bent down to eye level with the kid, and kissed him on the lips.

If he kept talking like this than she might just forget about that little age difference of theirs and give him a good fuck before she needed taming.

Ranma walked along the forest path in stride, his senses on red alert for anything out of the ordinary Of course, having a werewolf, or in this world's case, a 'Lupina' walk by his side, WAS pretty out of the ordinary for Ranma's levels of weirdness, but apparently in this place it was consider common.

It wasn't bad having the Pokegirl walk with him, "Or was it Pokewomon? That detail wasn't important to him.

What was is that she was leading him to a city, so that they could buy clothing for everyone, get something to eat, and find a private place so he could tame Sheila, a room at the Walking along side her new master, Jetta could sense his uneasiness through the bond.

Leaning over to him she began to whisper, "Excuse me, Mas I mean, Ranma," Jetta corrected herself as being the Alpha, her genetic coding allowed her to call him by name, "What is bothering you?

You look very worried. Ranma looked over at Jetta and shrugged. I'm not really sure what's bothering me," Ranma said in all honesty.

I'm not sure if I can handle this. Jetta nodded her head a little in understanding. Shrugging his shoulders, something he had been doing a lot lately, Ranma just sighed.

I mean, am I really cut out for this? Jetta placed a hand on her master's shoulder. Ranma, I understand you're nervous about all this.

Hell, I am too. There's a lot you'll need to learn, but you shouldn't worry. He wasn't sure if he could ever get the hang of how things went in this world.

Nodding his head as he listened to his Alpha, Ranma asked, "Okay. But how will I learn about this world at the PokeCenter? Jetta shrugged. But since it would be at PokeCenters, these battles would be for testing the strength of your PokeGirls and hopefully getting them experience.

And win enough battles, and the PokeCenter might give you a prize of some sort, probably medicines. Ranma nodd his head.

You mean to say if there's a PokeBattle, and we lose, I'd lose one of you guys? You could easilly pay the opponent off.

Seeing Ranma calm down, Jetta continued with her original explanation. All Tamers reguraly visit PokeCenters as this is sometimes they only place where they can have all their needs met.

Nodding his head, Ranma accepted that answer. He and his old man had stopped at a few over the years while training. Of course, they had to stop once they realized Genma was stealing from them and other homeless people.

However, as they continued to walk, Ranma and Jetta then saw the path was starting to widen more, eventually leading into a clearing.

Ranma saw the ten at one end of the clearing, and Ranma asked Jetta, "Someone's campsite? She sniffed the air. The scents here are VERY fresh.

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Source: aniSearch. Release 1: p Add Release. Show More. Die Geschichte um Ranma Saotome geht weiter Bei Kontakt mit kaltem Wasser verwandelt er sich immer noch in ein rothaariges Mädchen und natürlich sind auch seine Verlobte Akane Tendou, sowie die….

Action Comedy Ecchi Romance. Erst 12 Jahre später sollte zumindestens eine weitere Visualisierung folgen. Inhaltlich sind diese OVAs zusammenhangslos und erzählen nur jeweils….

Shunmin Kou Special 1. Juli bis zum Kunou kauft sich ein seltsames Ei, aus dem ein Phönix schlüpfen soll, in der Hoffnung, dass dessen Kräfte ihm helfen werden, Ranma zu besiegen.

Aber als der Phönix auf Kunos…. Okite Yaburi no Gekitou Hen!! Anime Movie 1. Das chinesische Mädchen Lychee und ihr Elefant Jasmin sind auf der Suche nach einem gewissen Happosai und finden ihn auch bei Ranma und seinen Freunden.

Bevor Lychee jedoch klarmachen kann,…. Hanayome o Torimodose! Ranma und die ganze Mannschaft machen auf einer einsamen Insel Urlaub.

Doch der für sie untypische Frieden hält nicht lange an: Ein Mädchen nach dem anderen wird wortwörtlich vom Erdboden…. Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

Anime Series Die Geschichte dreht sich um einen faulen Schüler namens Ayumu Aikawa, der während einer Reihe von geheimnisvollen Morden getötet wird.

Allerdings wird Ayumu als ein Zombie wiederbelebt und zwar durch….

Bs.To Ranma 1/2 Kemono Friends. Shin Captain Tsubasa. Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance. Battle Girl High School. 2k Movies Tamers. Posted October 5, edited. Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku.

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But… it's all skin-deep. It's not my home. This whole place… isn't my home. Tifa nodded and slid closer, wrapping one arm companionably over Ranma's shoulder.

I know we've only known each other a day now, but…" Tifa sighed. There are criminals and psychopaths, and regular folks who live in the middle of it.

Saints, sinners, heroes and monsters alike, and what makes it harder is that all of them look human on the outside. Tifa looked at her sideways.

It's home ," she said simply. She then turned to Tifa and grinned. The rest of that conversation was cut short as Aerith pulled back the changing room curtain.

Dressed immaculately in a strappy mid-length red dress, her normally braided hair was hanging loose from her pink bow.

A pair of glossy red flats peeked out from the ruffled hem every couple steps. Aerith gratefully handed Ranma her staff and a small satchel containing her normal clothing.

Ranma performed a complicated movement with her arms, and the staff and bag disappeared. Ranma repeated the action, and the bag and staff were once again in her hands.

Tifa, anything you want me to carry? Tifa grinned and stood up. Okay, girls," she said, pulling Ranma to her feet.

Wall Market was named for, unsurprisingly, the twenty-odd-meter tall concrete wall between Sectors 6 and 7. There was a great deal of late-night bar-room-philosopher debate as to the reason for the wall, as no other lower sector contained such a physical division between two areas.

Despite the debate, the actual reason for the wall was, perhaps unsurprisingly, mundane. In short, Shinra built the wall, and then promptly forgot about it as they went on to do other things.

The Corneo estate enclosed the far back of Wall Market, and the rear of the main structure was flush with the eponymous wall.

The wall itself provided a neat barrier between Wall Market as a whole and Midgar's central pillar, which also blocked most of the noise from the periodic trains and coal smoke from permeating the air.

Coupled with the fact that the Sector 6 plate was still under construction nearly fifty years after Midgar had been founded, which allowed clean air to circulate freely, and Wall Market was actually one of the better pieces of real estate in the Midgar slums.

It turned out that getting past security at the Corneo estate was fairly simple, as long as you were female.

The three women walked up to the main gate, and Tifa introduced themselves to the gate guard as "tonight's competition. The entire interior had been built in a blind mockery of Wutaian architecture, with visible surfaces painted bright red or covered in gold leaf, and an enormous sweeping staircase on one side that appeared to be painted with obscene murals along the outside.

Doors and carpets were instead sliding panels and tatami mats, and an enormous gold-plated gong with Corneo's name stood near the stairwell. If it weren't for the sheer mind-bending, vomit-inducing delusion of grandeur the building radiated, Ranma might have actually felt strangely at home.

As it was, she was suppressing the urge to break things. She stood to one side, leaning against the wall with her hands in the pocket of her leather jacket, while Corneo's lackey, a thug named Scotch, drooled over the three of them and attempted to inflate his importance.

After several minutes of politely repelling Scotch's grabby hands, Corneo himself arrived. Dressed in a simple white t-shirt and faded denim jeans, he wore a bright red overcoat with fur trim on the sleeves and lower hem, clearly aspiring to some image of royalty.

His blonde hair was shaved on either side of his head, and coiffed into some bizarre combination of a pompadour and comb-over on top.

One side of his shaved head had a heart tattoo with the word 'Love' scrawled over top of it. He stepped up the staircase and held open the sliding door at the top of the balcony, gesturing for the trio to step in.

The reception area, for lack of a better term, was no less gaudily appointed, but also covered in dirty clothes and beer bottles.

The trashy overtones removed even the artificial sense of magnificence the foyer was imbued with. Another, smaller gong of what appeared to be heavily verdigrised copper stood near the far end of the room.

Corneo stood behind it and ogled the three women as they entered, taking a long drag on his cigar as he did so. He vaulted clumsily over the small gong, and began pacing back and forth in front of them, taking it in turn to examine each of them.

Ranma hunched her jacket over her shoulder unenthusiastically, her gaze settling down and away from the crime lord, making no effort to conceal her boredom.

Tifa did her best to retain at least the illusion of enthusiasm, but her patience was clearly eroding under the man's constant remarks.

Aerith nervously glanced between Ranma and Corneo, clearly unnerved by the proximity of the criminal, and did her best to appear demure.

Scotch, you and your men may… ahem, entertain yourselves with the others. Yes, it probably would have been funnier if Ranma had been selected, but I get my laughs elsewhere.

I know I'm probably going to get flak for this in the comments, but I honestly was never that much amused by the crossdressing scene in FF7.

It's not that I think Cloud's too macho to pull it off; if anything, the official renders of him as the art improved over the last twenty years only make him look more androgynous after a fashion.

That being said, my reasons for not liking the scene are about the same as my reasons for not liking the movie Some Like It Hot; I don't think crossdressing should be a punchline.

I'm not gonna soapbox on the subject here because I could probably write a couple thesis-length papers on the topic at this point , but that's how I feel.

Having said that, I admit I'm subjecting Ranma to it instead is a bit hypocritical, but at the same time, he's at least had prior experience with the matter.

On paper, it allows a trained user to conceal a truly absurd amount of weapons and objects on their person, as long as they are wearing at least some clothing, and call upon them at will.

In practice, it's hammerspace as a martial art. Ranma is not a trained user, but this version of him has picked up enough of it over his repeated exposure to Mousse's BS to be able to pull off a version of the basic technique.

Other references abound here! Corneo's mansion is canonically built along a Wutaian aesthetic, though as you probably recall it looked like a garbage fest of tacky gold.

Ranma's red outfit here was, originally, intended to be a reference to Blaze Fielding's outfit from the Streets of Rage series of beat-em-ups on the Sega Genesis.

I say 'originally' because after I wrote this chapter, I was doing more research and I found an image that Yoshitaka Amano, longtime character artist for the FF series, had made of Tifa during the early concept works.

Like with the story joining up at chapter 7, I can only claim serendipity. Where in Minerva's name did Cloud hide that damn sword of his during the original scene, anyway?

It's not like it was gonna fit under his dress. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Ranma gets caught up in the adventure of a lifetime, surrounded by girls, fighting for the fate of the world, and occasionally gets splashed with water.

Sounds like a regular day for Ranma? Except there's no such thing as a regular day for Ranma, because he's starting out in Midgar.

Ranma sighed. Ranma smiled despite herself. Which was quite possibly the gaudiest building in the entire world. Aerith had been selected.

Hope you like it! Comments and feedback welcome! Martial Arts-Dimensional Transmission 2. Just Another Day 3. Saotome School of Hard Knocks 4.

Anything Goes 5. In The Beginning 8. Into The Line Of Fire 9. Making Friends, Making Problems The Writing on the Wall Girls Night Out Don Corneo One Creek, No Paddle Rise, Fall Down Rise Again From Shadows Seeing Red For Better Or Worse Das chinesische Mädchen Lychee und ihr Elefant Jasmin sind auf der Suche nach einem gewissen Happosai und finden ihn auch bei Ranma und seinen Freunden.

Bevor Lychee jedoch klarmachen kann,…. Hanayome o Torimodose! Ranma und die ganze Mannschaft machen auf einer einsamen Insel Urlaub.

Doch der für sie untypische Frieden hält nicht lange an: Ein Mädchen nach dem anderen wird wortwörtlich vom Erdboden…. Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

Anime Series Die Geschichte dreht sich um einen faulen Schüler namens Ayumu Aikawa, der während einer Reihe von geheimnisvollen Morden getötet wird.

Allerdings wird Ayumu als ein Zombie wiederbelebt und zwar durch…. Seto no Hanayome Anime Series Michishio Nagasumi hat sich gerade erst in den weiten Ozean zum Schwimmen begeben, da trachtet….

Hentai Kamen Live Action 1. Kyosuke Shikijo, Sohn eines masochistischen Vaters und einer sadistischen Mutter, hat einen stark ausgeprägten Gerechtigkeitssinn.

Tsugumomo Anime Series Kazuya ist ein Schüler, welcher einen Gegenstand ganz besonders schätzt: den Stoffgürtel, den ihm seine Mutter gegeben hat.

Er trägt ihn immer mit sich herum und es wäre eine Katastrophe…. Action Comedy. Sekirei Anime Series Sekirei sind wunderschöne, meist weibliche Alien, die zwar aussehen wie Menschen, aber im Besitz von übernatürlichen Kräften sind.

Prison School Live Action 9. Fünf männliche Studenten werden an einer Schule angenommen, an welcher normalerweise nur Mädchen studieren.

Das Internat was früher eine reine Mädchenschule, jedoch hat sich das mit dem neuen Schuljahr geändert.

Asu no Yoichi! In Ashita no Yoichi geht es um einen Jungen, welcher sein ganzes Leben zusammen mit seinem Vater auf einem einsamen Berg gelebt und von diesem die Schwertkunst erlernt hat.

Haruhi, die sich als Junge verkleidet, schafft es mit ihrem Talent an die private Eliteschule Ouran High School, und das, obwohl sie aus ärmlichen Verhältnissen kommt.

Als sie sich einen…. Bonus 1. In der Hoffnung, sich von den anstrengenden Ereignissen der letzten Zeit erholen zu können, begeben sich Yachi und seine Freunde voller Vorfreude auf den gemeinsamen Schulausflug in den Bergen.

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Es ist möglich, vor Sendung "Ranma 1/2" anzeigen, wenn Sie auf die Umwelt gesehen BS Sendung sind. Weitere Einzelheiten sind in der Kinder-Station. lilitiirlnllsiken der sog. Sehellenbauln Bs; L; Sen 11a.; ZStdt; überall 1. Frans-​ranma; vgl. auch Ruedo/[ (11d VHS). -- Ililnlnel: 1. Vgl. lli 1\"​2. ', Svliillzl 'laß-: = Jul! (s. Bd 1|I 69).,llas el' ein im _vasspil. Bs.To Ranma 1/2 Ranma nodded his head and understood. Ranma somehow Alexander Walzer 'complete' as he held onto Brianna, like a little void in his life Lost River Stream finally filled. This whole process does not take more than 10 seconds and will free you from the annoying wait for the rest of the day. TV 10 Ksenia Solo Apr - Julmembers. Thus she is limited in combat to only one or two transformations, though this is considerably increased if she has recently 'eaten' her fill of aural energy. Ranma blushed as he saw the pokegirls that were now of his harem just Credence at him. Ranma frowned at the condition she was in. She stood to one side, leaning against Bs.To Ranma 1/2 wall with her hands in the pocket of her leather jacket, while Ntv Moderatorinnen Liste lackey, a thug named Scotch, drooled over the three of them and attempted to inflate his importance. Ranma could Fernsehen 20.15 she was a fighter.


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